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Below is a piece of news from a newspaper:

Astronomers searching for alien life spot signs of intelligence beyond the solar system Parkes Observatory’s Murriyang radio telescope has detected “promising” radio signals that seem to be extraterrestrial. The strange signals appeared to come from Proxima Centauri, the Sun’s nearest neighbouring star.

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An English language magazine invites young people interested in literature to participate in a Fairy Tale writing competition.

You decide to take part and submit your own fairy tale. Your fairy tale must have a title, a detailed setting, a description of the main character(s), and direct speech.

Write 250–300 words (the words in the epigraph are not counted).

The participants are expected to use this poem as an epigraph:

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

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Write a short review of the book by Steve Moss The World's Shortest Stories of Love and Death (1999) for a school English-language magazine. 

  • Use the beginning of the review that is given (these words will not be counted): 

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You have decided to enter a short story competition in an English-language magazine. The competition rules say that your story should be written in full accordance with the following review:

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You have seen this advertisement in an international youth magazine:

Tell us about a successful person you know and admire. What does success really mean? What helps people to be successful? We will publish the most interesting articles next month.

Write your article in 300-350 words (including the title) in an appropriate style.

In your article:

  • Make sure the following picture illustrates the main idea of your article: 


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Watch the recording of a guided tour of the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, which was organized for the overseas students by the staff of the theatre.


(смотреть первые 10 минут ролика)

Write an article for the Student Union magazine describing your impressions of the event.

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The college you attend has recently held an International Day with events organized by the overseas students.

As a representative of the Student Union you have received the Principal’s letter asking you to write a report. Use the information given in the publicity poster for the event, the Principal’s letter and the notes made after the meeting to write the report which the Principal requests.

 Remember to:

  • include a title and subtitles;

  • use an appropriate style;