The college you attend has recently held an International Day with events organized by the overseas students.

As a representative of the Student Union you have received the Principal’s letter asking you to write a report. Use the information given in the publicity poster for the event, the Principal’s letter and the notes made after the meeting to write the report which the Principal requests.

 Remember to:

  • include a title and subtitles;

  • use an appropriate style;

  • organize the information logically and clearly;

  • make a critical evaluation and analysis of the event;

  • recommend what should be done.


Write 220 - 250 words.




 Want to make new friends? Want to learn about other cultures?

Wednesday 11th February

International Day

  • videos and presentations

  • cookery demonstrations

  • music and dances from around the world

                  … and much more!



Dear Student Rep,

Thank you for your help in organizing the recent International Day. 

As you know, this was the first event of its kind which has been held in the college. Hoping to hold similar events in future, we need to assess how successful the International Day proved to be.

I would be grateful if you could carry out a survey among the students and prepare a short report on their reactions. Please include some recommendations based on your survey.

Your help is appreciated.

N. Foster




(Notes from students’ meeting, 3rd March)

  • Interesting, informative

  • Good food

  • Not enough music – not loud enough!

  • Not enough space for dancing

  • Presentations too long – boring!

  • Problems with slide projector

  • Last-minute planning

  • People didn’t know what was happening when

Тексты представлены участниками олимпиады в авторском оформлении.

Report On College International Day Activities


The aim of this report is to evaluate information based on the feedback collected from the participants in February 2015 International day amateur party, and the data collected from the organisers. Those pieces of information will be summarised as well several recommendations will be offered in order to increase satisfaction of the students in the future.

Event activities

There were the international students offered to give the presentations on their native culture peculiarities. As Principal N. Foster mentioned in the request letter, such social event was organised firstly and attracted great attention from the domestic students, with support from the Student Union.  In fact, as the poster advertised, the participants were supposed to show the national features of cuisine, music and dances, etc. As a result, the overwhelming majority of the students expressed great enthusiasm for the event.

Survey details

Most participants commented favourably on the international flavour of the team and enjoyed the opportunity of socialising closely with the representatives of other cultures. It was widely felt, however, that a number of students would have benefitted from a better organisation of the event, as some problems with the timetable were experienced. A few students were dissatisfied with the lack of loud music and the size of dancing floor as well.  In general, the students appreciated the opportunity given to broaden their cultural horizons.

Recommendations and conclusion

To sum up, it is highly advisable to put into place similar projects in the future. In order to avoid drawbacks it is recommended to plan the events thoroughly in advance and ensure a more international mix of participants.